Sunday, November 06, 2011

Dead Wood Splinters

Signs that the anti-Episcopalians are fracturing over the issue of women's ordination: This confirms my belief that many of the anti-Episcopalians have nothing in common besides their varied "beefs" against The Episcopal Church.

It appears that dogmatic sects tend to splinter over ever-finer and more purist pseudo-dogma. Thank God for the broad tent that we have in the Episcopal Church!

Bladensburg "Episcopalians" Welcomed as Romans

My "Google alert" informed me of this service, in which the priest and some 70 members of the former St. Luke's Episcopal parish (Bladensburg, Maryland) were received as members of the Roman Catholic Church.

I was struck by the photograph that ran in the Catholic Sentinel. It shows Roman Cardinal Donald Wuerl confirming Mark Lewis, formerly the priest of that parish. But Lewis appears in a suit and tie -- not in an alb or any other vestige of priesthood. I suppose that Lewis was received as a layman.

It is sad to see such sights.