Saturday, July 29, 2006

Deputies’ Reactions to B033

The most best accounts – and most powerful reactions -- I read about our church’s passage of resolution B033 were

Telling Secrets
Father Jake Stops the World

And I appreciated this from What the Tide Brings In. She explains her vote against B033 in this way:

“I did not vote for it as I felt it was one of those things that offered others as the sacrifice - I am willing to sacrifice but could not come home saying - I was called to the cross but I pick you to go instead. I did not see Jesus asking anyone else to his work for him. (oh hey Peter or Mary - why don't you go to Golgotha today)."

If only more people had thought, and felt, and voted as she did!


Blogger Jake said...

Thanks for the link, Lisa, although I'm not sure if folks will be able to easily find the particular post to which I think you are referring without some more help. I assume it is this one?

I'm trying to avoid "rant mode" right now. Not that a good rant doesn't have its place! It's just that I'm presently trying a few other techniques.

Nice place you've got here, btw :)

7/31/2006 1:59 PM  

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