Saturday, September 29, 2012

Post-GC Reporting Session, Part 1

Back in August, four General Convention Deputies presented a post-Convention program at Grace Episcopal Church in Jefferson City.  I was there, along with Deputies Lynette Ballard (St. Matthew's, Warson Woods), Mike Clark (Christ Church Cathedral), and the Rev. Jason Samuel (Transfiguration, Lake St. Louis).  We talked about the actions of Convention and the experience of being a Deputy.  Beth Felice videotaped the session, which runs to about an hour.  Part 1 is here, and runs nearly 40 minutes. 

There were fun comments about my long-standing engagement on the Bishops/Deputies listserv, and how I came to meet some of my "sparring partners" from that listserv and came to appreciate them.

The Rev. Jason Samuel speaks about building bridges with people who typically vote differently than our Deputies and about how we modelled Christian community that might be a gift to other churches.  He spoke of the sense of "joy and charity" that the Deputies experienced. 

I encourage you to listen to my "testimony" around the 14:00 mark, where I spoke about those who  are opposed to the direction of TEC, but who are faithfully participating.  Those were true words. 

The Deputies talk about the work of being a Deputy. 

And we get into some of the "meat" of General Convention resolutions. 

View the video if you wish.  As far as I know, this is the only post-GC session that was recorded.  I'll share Part 2 in a moment. 

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