Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reflecting on General Convention

I hope you all know that I and the other Missouri Deputies to General Convention have been posting at the diocesan blog.
We were carefully guarded by the St. Louis "Rally Squirrel" during our deliberations.

I'm slowly posting more reflections and photos on the Diocesan blog and my Facebook page.  Recovering from GC is taking longer than I expected.  And I was more weary on the nights of GC than I expected.  I only opened my laptop a couple of times during GC, and then just to check on resolutions and legislative calendars; I had no energy for blogging.
I will say this: This General Convention was one of the spiritual highlights of my life.  I am pleased with (most of) the resolutions that were passed and delightfully amazed by the spirit in the House of Deputies. The soundbytes do not capture what it means to serve as a Deputy nor to participate in General Convention.  I was honored to serve with the rest of the Missouri Deputies and to take action on the resolutions that came before us.  Now I have the bug!  I desperately hope to do it all again in Salt Lake City at the 2015 General Convention.



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