Tuesday, July 17, 2012

GC Counsel from an "Old Geezer"

I was honored to receive this counsel via the HoBD listserv on Sunday.  I give deep thanks to the Rev. S. Albert Kennington, who served many terms as a member of the House of Deputies and gave me permission to share this reflection. 

= = = = = = 
First, thanks for going.  As you veterans know, it's long, hard work -- sometimes great fun and sometimes totally not pleasant.  It's the people of the church being who we are, and amazingly, still loved by our Lord God.  In a book case across from my desk, I look at my 8 Gen Conv coffee mugs.  It was a privilege to be chosen those times to go.  Now it's a privilege to stay home and appreciate you.

Second, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers -- prayers for you to be aware that God is with you in all of it and for you to be aware that your brothers and sisters in faith around the world hold you and lift you up -- and thoughts meaning that I remember the routines.   I'm keeping a Gen Conv schedule before me to think of what you're doing throughout each day.

For you new deputies -- I found that comfortable shoes and brown liquids morning and evening to be great helps -- plus enjoying friendships in amazing configurations.  If you run across anyone who admits to being my friend, please give them my love.

Today is the Feast of St. Peter and Paul and the commemoration of their martyrdom.  These two guys were stalwarts to follow -- and they never figured it all out -- they struggled with heritage, tradition, with each other, and with God's new thing -- they especially struggled about people who were "different."  They never got it all figured out or settled.  So -- you go to continue their struggling.  From my advanced (or at least aging) viewpoint, I think being faithful is more about staying together in the journey and trying, in the Lord's example, to love and serve everyone.

Safe travel.  Thank you.  Peace be with you.

The Rev. S. Albert Kennington
Fairhope, Alabama 36532


Blogger JCF said...


Thanks to you, all deputies, all GC staff and volunteers. As my mom (OBM) used to say: stars in your crown!

7/17/2012 2:56 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

What a lovely support letter!

7/17/2012 1:44 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

Thanks, JCF.

Margaret, ain't it, though? I thought I had posted it well before I headed to GC, but apparently it was still in "draft" status 'til last night. I took his words as balm to my soul throughout GC.

7/17/2012 9:02 PM  

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