Monday, April 19, 2010

No Anglican Covenant

Wear It Proudly!

Get your gear here. The fantastic Lionel Deimel has developed the "No Anglican Covenant" logo featured in many of my compatriots' blogs.

I'd feature it here, too, if only I could figure out how to add those nifty widgets in the sidebar.

Now he has made it available through his CafePress site. T-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags, aprons, mugs and water bottles. Just about anything you want.

As Lionel writes on his blog:
The objective was not to make money but to promote opposition to the Anglican covenant, particularly within The Episcopal Church. Because the 2012 General Convention will likely be making a decision regarding the covenant, we can expect increasing discussion of its merits in parishes and dioceses in the next two years or so. .... [The site] offers many items that are especially good at communicating one’s opposition to the covenant.

Our diocesan convention passed a resolution last fall, instructing parishes to engage in dialogue about the covenant. [The Resolutions Committee offered a fine resolution with mechanisms and a leadership, which got stripped out on the convention floor. So now parishes are told to hold discussions, but with no materials or mechanisms for doing so. That's a floor battle I lost. Grrrr.... ]

I'll probably buy one of the shirts. I'm not sure whether I'll wear it to a parish/diocesan "dialogue" on the covenent. But maybe so, since I happily sported my "My manner of life ..." t-shirt back in 2006 at the diocesan debriefing after the passage of B033.

H/t to the Cafe for catching this post of Lionel's, which I had missed.


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