Monday, February 08, 2010

What TEC Says

I'm grateful to Bill Carroll, in a comment at the Episcopal Cafe, for reminding me of this.

Let's remember the stirring words of Bonnie Anderson on the feast of Vida Scudder:
"Unless it is to literally stand beside the oppressed and injured where we can touch each other and put our arms around and comfort each other, to stand firm in proclaiming the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ does NOT mean standing still."
(From here)
Time to put these words into action.
What would Vida do? What would Jesus do?
Stand with the opporressed and put our arms around and comfort each other. Is that what we heard in the canned statements of Linda Watt and Neva Rae Fox, after the cleaning crew found themselves unemployed? I think not.

Matthew 25, anyone?


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