Wednesday, July 08, 2009

GC09 Coverage

I’m removing some sites from the “GC09 coverage” sidebar, as I’ve discovered they are just links to interested groups (such as the Chicago Consultation and Claiming the Blessing) but aren’t blogging. If they start posting timely coverage, I’ll put them back there.

I’m also adding some other links. Most of these are active bloggers already on my blogroll, who also now happen to be blogging about GC:

An Inch at a Time (Susan Russell)
Entangled States (Nick Knisely)
Integrity’s blog
Preludium (Mark Harris)
Sarah Laughed (Dylan Breuer)

It is wonderful to hear so many voices blogging from General Convention!

During these days, I have to be at my job from 8:00-5:00. But I love coming home and reading these bloggers' reports. I am grateful that they are willing to post stories and reflections after the very long days they are enduring in Anaheim.


Blogger Dennis said...

+Gene Robinson has started blogging again at his site Canterbury Tales from the Fringe.

He had an interesting comment that no one seems to have noticed so far:

"We also had a disturbing private (no one in the gallery) conversation in the House of Bishops that led me to feel discouraged about what lies ahead. That conversation is private, so I can't detail it, but there seems to be a kind of belligerent attitude toward the House of Deputies by some of our bishops. Their vision of the episcopate is way too "high and mighty" for my taste, or my theology, and I am not happy about it. The last thing we bishops need is a larger measure of arrogance. Didn't Jesus save his most serious criticism for the religious powers-that-be of his day who lorded their power and position over others?"

7/09/2009 9:07 AM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

Thanks for the tip, Dennis. I'll add him to my blogroll.

But what he wrote is most distressing. :(

7/09/2009 11:44 PM  

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