Monday, July 06, 2009

Center Aisle at GC

I am pleased to share this note I received regarding another news source covering the 2009 General Convention. I'm bookmarking this one.

Since the 73rd General Convention in 2000, Center Aisle, the Diocese of Virginia’s daily General Convention opinion journal, has offered Convention attendees perspectives from the transformational center of the Church. We will continue this tradition in Anaheim this summer.

In a May 2009 letter to the Diocese, Bishop Lee wrote, “We focus on our central faith in Jesus Christ and his mission and examine the various issues from the perspective of what will unite and strengthen the church.” In past issues of Center Aisle, we have worked toward these goals through reflections from bishops and other leaders; perspectives on topics ranging from slavery to human sexuality; and timely interviews with leaders like the Rt. Rev. Riah Abu Al-Essal, bishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East. We hope to offer a similar range of topics and breadth of opinions in 2009, and hope you will take a moment to pick up a copy on-site at Convention.

In the meantime, please visit as we prepare for Anaheim.


Blogger Wormwood's Doxy said...

Oh, yes...the "Center Aisle" that wrote Margaret "asking" her to change the title of her own GC blog because it would interfere with their "brand."

She, to her credit, complied. I had a rather ruder response. I guess it's a good thing I'm not a priest! ;-)


7/06/2009 10:17 AM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

Thanks for that link, Doxy. It flat ticks me off that they would try to squelch Margaret that way. :(

7/06/2009 10:30 PM  

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