Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Choral Evensong

This evening I attended choral evensong at my parish, celebrating the Epiphany. It was a small, quiet service. (Our folks still aren't accustomed to attending weeknight services!) I got to serve as crucifer, so you know I was happy. And our parish hasn't done a sung evening prayer very often, so this was a special treat.

But here's what struck me: Another layperson served as officiant, as the Prayer Book rubrics allow (or even urge). Our priest sat in a pew far back in the nave, letting us laypeople lead the service. I liked that. There are not many times when our clergy get to sit in the church and just worship. I was glad that we could give her that opportunity.

As it happens, I am now reading George Wayne Smith's Admirable Simplicity. I am enjoying it. Just today, I had read his chapter about the daily office, and it enriched my experience this evening. I heartily commend his book to you.


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