Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MadPriest MIA

I expect that most of you who read here also read MadPriest's Of Course I Could Be Wrong, so you surely know he is off on vacation. His blog is closed.

If you are suffering withdrawal and want some laughs about church, the world, the universe, etc., direct your feet to Of Course I Could be On Vacation. That's where the MadOne's friends are hanging out while he's away.

Now … about his absence. Where in the world is he?

MadPriest claims he is attending the GaffeProne conference in Jerusalem. If anybody can knock some sense into Akinola, Jensen, Duncan, Minns, et al, then my money is on MadPriest.

But I'm also a little concerned about the timing. He fled without warning on Sunday. On Saturday, I received a message that I immediately forwarded to him:

In 2009 the government will start locking up all the mentally ill.
I started crying when I thought of you.
Run little buddy, run.
He left within 24 hours. Coincidence?

While we worry about these matters, visit Of Course I Could be On Vacation for lame jokes, news of the weird, lamentable puns, and the occasional sighting of the Blessed Virgin Mary. See you there.


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