Monday, January 14, 2008

Schofield's Tsunami of Support

Several commentators, including BabyBlue, are shouting that something a little over 31 bishops of the Anglican Communion have declared their support of former Episcopal bishop Schofield in his pretense to make California a part of South America.

Let's see now ... How many bishops are there in the worldwide Anglican Communion? According to the news out of Lambeth, there are some 800 bishops in the 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion. Oh! and several of the "bishops" who wrote in support of Schofield are not recognized by or in communion with Canterbury. In fact, several of them (like Minns & Co.) have been deliberately snubbed by Canterbury. My best guess? Something under 31 bishops of well over 800 in the Anglican Communion are on record as supporting Schofield's schism.

So when we read the gloating statement about how 31, or maybe 32, or maybe 34 bishops have come out in support of former bishop Schofield, please let us put that number in context. Out of 800-something Anglican bishops, something a little over 30 are supporting Schofield's action.

By my calculation, that means about 4.25% of the Anglican bishops are supporting Schofield. A tidal wave? Methinks not! I think I'd call it a tinkle, at best.


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