Saturday, August 04, 2007

MadPriest Outdoes Himself

Over at OCICBW, MadPriest is rising to new levels of genius (and PhotoShop brilliance, too). I didn't think he could get better, but he has.

Disgusted by Greg Griffith's blog-behavior, yesterday he posted "Say Goodnight, Melanie" here. ("Melanie" is the Mad One's pet name for Greg.) He begins:
Melanie, the fuhrer at Blog Viagra, is really blowing a gasket over Our Lisbeth. The other day he tried to get the pond life agitated over one of her sermons. This was something of a damp squib as the sermon was ten years old. . . . You would think the number of times he has been told that he ain't no gentleman that he would be trying to hide the fact. But no. If I'm reading this right his point is: "My wife's prettier than Kaeton. Na na ni na na!"
Go read MP's entire post, complete with photos.

Today, he follows up with a posting that pretty well expresses my view of the situation. MadPriest is a genius at combining word and image, as he demonstrates yet again in this one.

As he says of the virtual parish he operates, "It's just the way we do things around here." Check it out.

I am not worthy to gather up the crumbs from under the table of the Priest Who Purports To Be Mad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm late at coming to this discussion. I've been away, super busy, and off line for the most part for a few days.

Hope you're still checking this far down the threads, but I want to talk with you about this.

I work at a job where there tends to be high levels of conflict and misunderstanding. It always seem tempting to want to jump in there, and make certain that we give "tic for tac," whenever there's offense, and we feel under attack, or our friends are under attack.

But, I seriously question if this is the best way to handle these kind of situations. I've seen firsthand how this can backfire badly.

It seems to me that we do better to help people become reconciled to one another, to understand each other, to look at the positive, for their hearts to be "turned."

I think at this point Mother Kaeton probably has more enemies, and people up in arms against her, than she had before. Folks that needed to hear what she had to share are even less likely to want to listen. The divisions between all of us are widened all the more.

Sometimes what feels and seems good in the short term, doesn't help on a deeper level for the long term. I think that's why Scripture says not "to repay evil for evil," and "blessed are the peacemakers."

Can you see what I'm saying, Lisa?


8/09/2007 9:13 AM  

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