Friday, August 03, 2007

MadPriest on the ACN

I am grateful for the comments you offered on my small posting about the recently-ended meeting of the Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes. But if you want to see a masterful treatment of the photos from that meeting, you must go visit MadPriest -- particularly here and here, but also here.

This is but one of the offerings, but it's still my favorite commentary on the recently concluded meeting of the schismatics.

I assume that most of you who read my little blog are already familiar with MadPriest. If you aren't, let me just offer a word of godly counsel: put down your coffee, and swallow your beverage before you look at MadPriest's site. Otherwise, you'll spew liquid all over your keyboard and monitor ... and then you'll spend time cleaning your computer when you should be bowing in homage to MadPriest's creativity and insights.


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