Monday, June 18, 2007

European Episcopalians Reply to Draft Covenant

According to Bishop Pierre Whalon, the deputation of the Convocation of American Churches in Europe sent in its commentary on the proposed draft Covenant, as requested by the Episcopal Church. It includes these statements:

If we are a Communion, then we need to remember the Eucharistic implications of the term, being one in the Body of Christ, which we share. If we don’t talk to each other about basic issues of our own polity, how can we possibly be considered a credible ecumenical partner when talking to other Churches? If we don’t share a common vision of our Church’s mission in the world, seeking and serving Christ in each other, what distinguishes the Anglican Communion from other far-flung, charitable organizations?

This is a restrictive Covenant, rather than one that challenges us to listen to each other and to the Holy Spirit, to carry out our mission – God’s mission – together in all its diversity, and to explore the boundaries of our faith and mission. The “Covenant for Communion in Mission” proposed by the Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism, and building on the Five Marks of Mission, comes much closer to what we believe would be an appropriate covenant for the Anglican Communion (if indeed one is needed).

Bishop Pierre Whalon offers his own thoughts on his blog; click here to read his comments.


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