Monday, March 05, 2007

Upon Hearing from Executive Council

I've read all the posts that ENS issued this evening from the Executive Council meeting. I've read the major post and all the various "spins" of it -- which I suppose are supposed to be comforting to folks like me.

To me, they read like very thin gruel to the gay men and lesbians who have remained in this church despite all the onslaughts that have been hurled against us.

But the photos of our Presiding Bishop sure do look earnest and compassionate, don't they? Are we feeling comforted yet?

I'll confess it: Photos like this do still move me. I still want to put great confidence in her. I think I know what she believed. But once -- just once -- I would like to hear her say, "You can't beat-up my gay friends in this church any more than you can beat up the conservatives!" I'm waiting ... I'm dying to hear her say that.

I hope that some members of the Executive Council will give us some more optimistic way to read this thin gruel in the next couple of days. For I sure can't find it there myself.

Instead, all I find is this message. [I must offer a hat-tip to MadPriest for creating the graphic ... which I can no longer find on his site ... but which I nicked in the nick of time.]

Like MadPriest, I'm forebearing and hating it!


Blogger Share Cropper said...

I was somewhat encouraged by the letter. At least it told the world that we do have our own polity system and it affirmed our rights as members of the Body of Christ. I think all this hubris is just sticking to the formality and necessary machinations of the church structure. I am very hopeful that inclusivity will remain a major justice issue for the Episcopal Church to triumph.

3/05/2007 7:24 AM  

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