Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Honesty 1, Hypocrisy 0

I wrote here of my frustration at the primates' hypocrisy in attacking the Episcopal Church, when so many other Anglican churches have gone much further than we have. I was delighted, then, to receive this story Sunday from Ron Chaplin, an Anglican in Ottawa.

Last week has been a busy week, what with the address delivered by Vancouver Bishop Michael Ingham in my parish, and discussions about the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Episcopal Church last weekend, and this weekend's meeting of the equivalent body in the Anglican Church of Canada -- the Council of General Synod.

During these discussions, I was given further information about the actions of the Canadian Primate at the Primates' Meeting in Tanzania. Apparently, after the "report" from the Episcopal Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury turned to ++Andrew Hutchison to ask if he could report on "compliance" by the Canadian Church. Our primate apparently said he would be delighted to do so, immediately following a report from the Church of England on same-sex blessings and civil partnerships.

That ended the suggestion.
No doubt, some would term that a "smackdown." But I wouldn't use such a term. No, not I.


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