Thursday, January 11, 2007

Still More on the Panel of Reference

Barbi Click has written her own response to the Panel of Reference.

She says in part:

This panel – without benefit of having “listened” or even spoken to any involved – felt compelled to issue a decree. Trial without jury? Royal edict? Papal Bull? Whatever.

The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth sent a letter to the Panel requesting that he wants to make sure that whoever is elected after he retires (in how many years???) does not have to ordain women if he feels they are genetically impaired. The infamous “Dallas Plan” was used as a salve to soothe those whose feminine feathers might be ruffled. Forget the important fact that no women were accepted into the ordination process this last year. (and please…leave off with the no one has a right to be accepted…we all know that it is a process to eliminate the will of humans as well as to discern the will of God)

In the midst of all of this is a thought – if the Diocese of Dallas doesn’t even want its own women, how in the world would this diocese be an alternative to Fort Worth? Why not just go ahead and suggest that any women seeking ordination from Fort Worth go on to Quincy or San Joaquin??? However, I digress.

In turn, the group Fort Worth Via Media, concerned with remaining as full members of The Episcopal Church, sent a letter to the Panel protesting the initial letter sent by the bishop and requested that no action be taken on it. ( Seventeen months later, without having conversed or even acknowledged that there might be a conflicting opinion, obviously believing that all is well in Fort Worth land except for a few irrational dissidents, the Panel spoke in favor of the poor victimized bishop and his future replacement. No one should have to suffer the priestly ministrations of a woman.
Go read the whole thing.


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