Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Enough is Enough"

At Caught by the Light, Richard (a priest of our church) declares: "Enough is enough."

He provides a good summary of some of the current developments in the Communion, and a passionate call for us to "get on with it" – with the work of mission and ministry, no matter what various bishops and primates in the wider Anglican Communion might say about us Episcopalians.

He also summarizes related commentaries on this matter:

Mark Harris offers a pithy, comprehensive manifesto. Jim Naughton poses a question of stewardship the current conflict raises, and whether the Anglican Communion, to put it bluntly, is worth it. The Bishops of Nigeria (once again) call on The Episcopal Church and the rest of the Anglican Communion to see it their way, or else. And Fr. Jake points to the growing evidence that we are looking squarely in the face of institutionalized evil using even the unsuspecting in a game to undermine the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Go, read. Richard has managed to roll-up several commentaries that I had tried to take in. And be sure to read the comments, in which he offers further insights about the toll this is taking on our Church's mission and ministry.


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