Thursday, October 19, 2006


I am truly astonished that you continue to send me e-mails (as well as checking this site) for news about – and to offer encouragement regarding – my medical situation. Aren't you getting bored with it yet? I sure am! Frustrated as all get-out, too. But that's me.

OK. You've asked for a report on yesterday's visit back into the heady realm of Washington University. Here ya go.

First, I had the EMG test. I don't know what "EMG" stands for, but it's kinda like an EKG or EEG, but designed to test nerves and muscles instead of heart or brain. I passed. The very, very good news is that it did not reveal "denervation"; apparently, that means my body is trying to fire electrical impulses into my nerves and muscles – which, apparently, bodes very well for full recovery once this radial nerve palsy thing fixes itself.

By the way, a few friends had told me about having EMGs and warned me it would be uncomfortable. But thank goodness none of you told me about the hideous long needle that would be stuck into my muscles! Thanks to my ignorance about that particular little detail, I did not have the opportunity to be pre-stressed. Thanks – really! – for sparing me!

Then I saw the Wash.U. doc again [same guy I saw Monday]. He gave me the EMG results and added his analysis that this means I should get my right hand back whenever this palsy passes. Also, he says the EMG tells him that this is no other underlying, darker, scarier cause; it's just boring, frustrating radial nerve palsy. In this case, I'm darn glad to be boring!

Incidentally, the EMG doc told me he has seen people who have radial nerve palsy who still had no use of their hands after 6 weeks. So that is some comfort. At least I do have about 40% use of my hand/fingers. Not enough to keep me from occasional rages of frustration or crying jags, but I am working to keep it in perspective.

Then a weird thing happened today – about which I am determined not to get too worried yet. I had to drive to St. Louis again today –this time for two days of business consultation. During the drive, I got concerned again that my left arm/hand did not feel right; they felt very twitchy. By the time I arrived at my destination and settled into work, I started watching my left hand. My left thumb and index finger were jerking and jumping to their own odd rhythm. Not the right hand which has been the problem, but the left. Not sure what this means, but at least I'm close to my Wash.U. docs, in case it gets worse tomorrow. At least I was able to entertain my colleagues, who occasionally found the odd jumping and jerks of my hand much more engaging than my "brilliant insights." [Yes, very big grin.]

I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening. Our bishop has agreed to attend a special evening with the Oasis and Integrity members of the diocese in St. Louis. I'll be there with bells on – and my "Manner of Life" t-shirt. I will post a report this weekend.


Blogger Grace said...


So glad you got a good report from the doc. And, I'll also be praying for your upcoming meeting of the E piscopal Majority.

Take care, and God bless.

10/20/2006 6:58 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Thanks, Grace. I am truly grateful for your prayers and the many others I know are being offered. I am touched and humbled.

10/21/2006 1:47 AM  
Blogger Min O'Pause said...


Thanks for the update on your health! You and Scotty continue to be in my prayers.

Keep the faith, and I wish you a full recovery.

10/23/2006 9:58 PM  
Blogger Catherine + said...

Lisa, that's really good news. And why shouldn't we care? You are in many prayers for healing and apparently it is happening, albeit slowly. I think its part of loving our neighbor as ourselves, doncha think? :-)


10/25/2006 11:34 AM  

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