Monday, August 14, 2006

What Went Wrong . . .

I don’t know the Reverend Peter Carey. But when I stumbled upon his essay, “A Meditation on What Went Wrong in Columbus” today -- -- I said “Yes!” It echoed some of what I have opined: that our Bishops, acting in Convention this summer, were so desperate to have tea and scones in Canterbury that they forgot their flock. But I think he also does an admirable job of acknowledging something I sometimes forget: the role our Bishops have in The Church, as well as in “the church.”

Here’s a snippet from his essay:

. . . Was it worth it? The answer to that question has already begun to emerge and it is, of course--no. Blackmail payments tend to get higher and higher and there is no doubt that the Episcopal Church is being held hostage by the Archbishop of Canterbury, by the Windsor Report, and by Archbishop Akinola and his Global South. They think they know better than we how we should treat our “homosexual” members and they will have it no way but their way. With them there is no compromise, no discussion, no dialogue, no listening process, and if they can possibly swing it, no place at the table for our bishops until we all “repent.”

The House of Deputies understood this on June 20th, but on June 21st Bishop Griswold and most of his fellow bishops caved in to blackmail yet again. The idea of having to give up the group photograph at the Lambeth Conference with their brother and sister bishops was just too much to bear. And so they betrayed their gay brothers and sisters instead.

Go there! Read that!


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