Saturday, August 26, 2006

Episcopal Squirrels

I'm pretty sure I have seen this story elsewhere, but Bruce in Atlanta recently reminded me of it. (Thanks, Bruce!) So I indulge myself and share it here, because we have not had enough laughs lately.

There were four country churches in a small Texas town: the Presbyterian Church, the Baptist Church, the Episcopal Church, and the Roman Catholic Church. Each church was overrun with pesky squirrels.

One day, the Presbyterian Church called a meeting to decide what to do about the squirrels. After much prayer and consideration, they determined that the squirrels were predestined to be there and they shouldn't interfere with God's divine will.

In the Baptist Church, the squirrels had taken up habitation in the baptistery. The deacons met and decided to put a cover on the baptistery and drown the squirrels in it. The squirrels escaped somehow, and there were twice as many there the next week.

The Roman Catholics got together and decided that they were not in a position to harm any of God's creation. So, they humanely trapped the squirrels and set them free a few miles outside of town. Three days later, the squirrels were back.

But the Episcopal Church came up with the best and most effective solution. They baptized the squirrels and registered them as members of the parish. Now they only see them on Christmas and Easter.


Blogger Suzer said...

That's a good one!

Last year, in Washington, Georgia, the town was overrun with squirrels (and yes, this IS a true story!). So, this being Georgia, the town decided to allow open season on squirrel hunting, and any Tom, Dick or Harry (or Jane) with a gun could go kill as many squirrels as they wanted, so long as it wasn't during hours that children were outside.

Well, you know, PETA got involved and I don't even know what ended up happening. Anyway, the whole situation was so ridiculous and hilarious and awful at the same time (I could just picture every Bubba with their shotgun blowing away the poor little critters. And yes, I did say this is Georgia, right?).

I guess we should've sent all those little bushy tails to the Episcopal church! LOL!

8/26/2006 10:22 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

OMG, Suzer! Yes, I know George (as you're aware), and I can all too easily envision this happening. Oh well. Love 'em anyway!

8/27/2006 2:27 PM  

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