Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy Anniversary to the Philadelphia 11

When I was setting up this blog Saturday, I was also aware that it was the 32nd anniversary of the ordination of “The Philadelphia 11” – that 1st group of women who were irregularly ordained in Philadelphia.

I was not an Episcopalian back in 1974, but I have long and often felt the reverberations of that action.

One of that group of ordinands was Nancy Wittig. I think she was the youngest member of that group. And she has a special place in my heart. For when my soul was wandering in the desert in the mid-1990s, she and a friend of hers reached out the hand of The Episcopal Church and drew me into this church. They brought me into this church, and probably – literally – saved my life (physical and spiritual) in the process. I think she's the only one of that group who is still involved in parish ministry.

To Nancy, and to the other women ordained that day – and to all the other women ordained since – I raise my hand in your honor and in thanksgiving.


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