Monday, May 23, 2011

Churching and Biking, Part III

I started writing here after Sunday morning, May 8. I wrote on Facebook that weekend: “Heading to Grace Episcopal Church, then the bike trail ... expecting to find God in both places.” I promised to blog more about that. I found that ride much richer than I expected … and I’ve been blogging ever since.

I’ve already blogged about the first parts – the church parts. Now I can move beyond that.

Sunday’s bike ride was challenging. My thighs felt miserable. But I persevered. I rode as well as I could, and rested when I had to. UGH! But I have to get in shape for my 30-mile route on the Tour de Corn in late June. So I pushed myself.

During one of the rest periods, I had a brief, momentary pain in one ear. It passed quickly. It’s absolutely nothing! But it reminded me: How very lucky I am!

Do you ever have this experience I have? Sometimes when I have a miserable cold, or a horrible backache, I think: “Oh, I wish I had given thanks before this! .. when I could appreciate how good it felt to feel good!” In those times, I wished I had been more mindful when I was well.

I had that experience during that Sunday bike ride. During one of my rest breaks Sunday on the bike ride, I found myself thinking yet again about Kirstin’s situation. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my decent health and grateful for my muscles (however much they were hurting).

I sang a quiet little song of thanksgiving as I sat alongside the bike trail. I have no right to be so healthy. But I am deeply grateful. And it is good to be mindful of that blessing.


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