Monday, October 04, 2010

Kirkepiscatoid's Litany

I was grieved by the news of Tyler Clementi's suicide, after he was “outed” in a most humiliating way by his roommate and a “friend” at Rutgers. My heart groans for that young man. It reminds me of Lee Davenport, Alan Cheney, and others I have known who killed themselves rather than confronting the hatred they would have faced as gay people.

I was reminded of the story I told a while back. I talked there of my resilience. But, God knows, there were times when I contemplated suicide. Thank God my brazenness and “sheer cussedness” triumphed.

My friend KirkE has offered a litany for those who succumbed. I commend her Litany for Children Who Have Died from Bullying to you. She has a true gift for liturgy.


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