Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mike Luckovich on the Vatican

One of the sad things about living in this small town is its small-minded, right-wing newspaper. I subscribe so that I can keep up with the local news (relying on NPR and PBS for the national news). But the "opinion" page sickens me. I miss the Atlanta Journal-Constitution where I used to live.

I recently discovered that Atlanta's award-winning editorial cartoonist has his work online. Go here to find them.

I haven't been bloging about the craziness of the Vatican, which has equated the sin of pedophilia with the "sin" of "trying" to ordain a woman as a priest in the Roman Catholic church. When I consider the slobbers coming out of Pope Benedict XVI, it makes me think Rowan Williams has met his natural peer.

Mike Luckovich is a genius:

Source: 7/20 cartoon: Mike Luckovich on the Vatican

I'm not trying to keep up with the craziness coming out of the Vatican. Grandmere Mimi is doing a better job from an Anglican perspective ... as is Fran from a Roman perspective.


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