Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rowan Williams … Burning Bridges

I have already written to thee, most excellent Theophilus and Theophilians, of the utter hypocrisy that Archbishop Williams appeared in Washington, D.C., last week leading a conference on “building bridges” between the Christian and Muslim faiths, while doing his best to destroy all that is best within the Anglican Communion.

The Apostle Matthew has done a fine job of documenting Rowan’s miracle of bridge-burning in his story here.

Thanks to the Apostle Catherine, I am now privy to the prophetic words of Apostle Diana Butler Bass. The Apostle Catherine reports that the Apostle Diana posted this on Facebook:
Does anyone think it a little odd that ABC Rowan Williams issues a Pentecost letter essentially kicking American Anglicans off all ecumenical commissions while he was in DC attending a conference called "Building Bridges"? So many layers of inconsistency and irony that it leaves me breathless...
To which, I can simply add, “Amen.”

P.S. Can you tell I’m studying Luke’s Gospel?


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