Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wiser Voices on Orombi

After penning my blogpost, I discovered that others had written in much more wise and analytical ways about Orombi's little rant. I commend these to you.

Mark Harris does a wonderful job of analyzing Orombi's letter jot by jot, with all Orombi's sour grapes and bitter gripes.

Father Jake analyzes the letter but -- even more important -- puts it in the wider context of the whole schismatic movement. This is a must-read!

At The Lead, Andrew Gerns also provides gritty analysis of Orombi's letter and his ties to American schismatics.

Brother Tobias wasn't actually talking about Orombi's letter. But his essay here cuts to the heart of the matter. As he says, this is about people in the minority wanting to govern the whole majority.

Read them.


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