Monday, March 08, 2010

Some Bishops-Elect Receive Consents

Thanks to Episcopal News Service for news that three bishops-elect have received the necessary consents for consecration.

Consents have been received for the Rev. Diane Jardine Bruce (elected bishop suffragan of Los Angeles on Dec. 4), the Very Rev. Morris K. Thompson (elected 11th bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana on Dec. 5), and the Rev. W. Andrew Waldo (elected eighth bishop of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina on Dec. 12).

Of course, I'm grateful for these consents. Of course, I'm also sad that the Rev. Mary Glasspool (elected at the same convention as the Rev. Bruce in Los Angeles) doesn't yet have the necessary consents.

And I'm taking some schadenfreude about the Rev. Waldo's consent, since his election so infuriated my worthy opponent over at SFiF. Give it up, StandFirmers. The ship of this church has taken a clear turn.


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