Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sherrod on Lambert

Katie Sherrod read -- and was struck by -- the same statement I did from the Bishop Suffragan of Dallas, in which he said of Bishop-elect Mary Glasspool's presence at last week's House of Bishops meeting: "Of course, her presence at our meeting makes it difficult to discuss this openly and honestly, both for her and the House gathered." Katie’s comments are much more articulate than mine. Go there and read her blog post.

Cutting to the chase, Katie says:
One might ask, how does the presence of Mary Glasspool make it difficult for bishops to discuss how her election will impact our relationships with the larger Communion openly and honestly? Would the bishops say things behind her back that they would not say to her face? Apparently so.
She says much more, too. Go read her commentary. She is a first-rate journalist, who knows how to analyze public statements.


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