Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rowan Williams Worries More about Gay Bishops than Murder

We knew it would come sooner than later. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, would surely issue a statement about our church’s consent to Mary Glasspool to serve as a bishop in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

Mind you, he took weeks and weeks and months to speak out against legislation that would execute gay/lesbian people in Africa. Much pressure was exerted on him, and he ignored all that pressure. He said he needed to study the situation and be sensitive to it. He needed months to speak out against legislation that would authorize the murder of gay Christians in Africa. He said he was being sensitive to their cultural realities.

And how long did it take him to speak out against our election of a bishop in the U.S. who happens to be gay? Less than 24 hours. Ruth Gledhill has the story about his criticism against the Episcopal Church.

Months to speak about the African church murdering gay/lesbian Christians.
Less than 24 hours to excoriate the Episcopal Church for consenting to a bishop who happens to be lesbian.

So … what’s more important to Rowan Williams? Murder or an episcopal consecration? Obviously, it’s the latter. Murder of innocents is of no consequence to Rowan, compared to an election in Los Angeles.

I imagine this conversation:

Question: Archbishop, what do you think about the legislation in Africa that would sentence gay/lesbian people to death?
Rowan: Well … I have to respect their cultural context. We cannot impose our values upon the nations of Africa. I am working quietly, behind the scenes, to talk with our Anglican colleagues so that I can better understand their perspective. But they are responsible for the shape of the Anglican Communion in Africa.

Question: Archbishop, what do you think about the election of Mary Glasspool to be a bishop in the Diocese of Los Angeles?
Rowan: Aargh! It’s the end of the Anglican Communion as We Have Known It! It may even be the end of Western Civilization! I may need to convene a special meeting of the Primates Council to address this!! This may be the end of the world. I need to smite those nasty Americans as soon as I can!

May God have mercy on his benighted soul. The man has absolutely no sense of perspective.


Blogger IT said...

you are right. He cares nothing about murder but puts his knickers in a twist about a very qualified candidate for a bishopric on the basic of her being in a faithful, committed relationship with another. Who hpapnes to be of the same sex.
Is he a homophobe?

A bigot?

Is it because he doesn't care if Uganda murders a few brown skinned gay people?

He has no moral authority left. Perhaps he and Benny 16 can go buy each other a beer and discuss moral relativism.

3/18/2010 9:32 PM  
Blogger IT said...

Sorryl that was Lisa, although Mimi has said the same.

3/18/2010 10:14 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

I understand, IT. In fact, many of us have said the same thing. His behavior still makes no sense to me.
Mind you, it's not who/what he is, but what he does that troubles me. His manner of life definitely poses a challenge to me.

3/19/2010 8:15 AM  

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