Thursday, March 04, 2010

Haiti Up Close

I appreciate the work Lauren Stanley [TEC missionary in Haiti] continues to do to alert us to news from and about Haiti. In her blog today, I found this powerful news story, “Love Among the Ruins,"about a Roman Catholic priest, Father Rick Frechette, who has been living and working in Haiti for several years. (That's Father Frechette in the photo at right.) The journalist went to Haiti to report on Father Frechette’s work. It’s powerful, up-close, non-sentimental, first-person journalism. It may be the best piece I’ve read in the seven weeks since the devastating earthquake, in terms of making it all real to me.

This is a long story, but well worth the read. It broke my heart and encouraged me about the daily lives of faithfulness and grace that some people – both Haitians and missioners – are living in Haiti. It’s neither cynical nor oozing with cheery do-gooderism.

I strongly encourage you to read the story at The Weekly Standard. As you read the story, also view the photographs Matt Labash has posted here.


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