Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eating My Words … Happily!

It is time for me to eat my words. I guessed that the bishops of our church would not consent to the election of Mary Glasspool (pictured at right) until the House of Bishops meeting (which will convene on March 19), at which they would hear reports from Parsley’s secret theology committee. I thought they would use the committee report for cover. Now I must eat those words.

Today, we received this news from ENS that “Bishop-elect Mary Douglas Glasspool has received the required number of consents from diocesan standing committees and bishops with jurisdiction to her ordination and consecration as a bishop.”

Even before the House of Bishops meeting, we already have enough consents to the Rev. Glasspool’s consecration. I give deep thanks to those bishops who gave their consent already.

This being Lent, I dare not shout “Alleluia.” But I certainly am happy that we already have a majority of consents from standing committees and bishops. The Rev. Glasspool will be consecrated a bishop in our church. Thanks be to God!

I don’t know Gene Robinson, but I’m glad he’s no longer going to be singled-out as the only honestly gay bishop in the Anglican Communion.

At the same time, my prayers go up for Mary Glasspool, knowing that she’s going to suffer the same kind of slings and arrows that Bishop Robinson has suffered. My heart goes out to her.

The blogosphere has been all aflutter today, from the moment this news broke. Among all those, I especially commend two reflections to you.

Mark Harris saw this coming, and he says this isn’t the earthquake that some would try to pretend it is. Read Mark’s essay here. He rightly observes that this is not the end of the Anglican Communion As We Knew It. In fact, a commenter observes it’s merely the end of the Anglican Communion as Some Imagined It.

Gird yourselves, my friends. Some people are going to shriek to the top of their lungs that this is The End of The Anglican Communion. It is not. Mark says it better than I.

This is merely the beginning of honesty. Gene Robinson and Mary Glasspool are not the first gay bishops in the Anglican Communion. They are only the first who are honest about it. Someday, perhaps, others will come out of their closets.

I also commend Brother Tobias Haller’s reflections at his blog. He writes:
Many will rejoice at this, myself included, but many also will be troubled — and I feel for them as well. Change is often difficult, and I know many will be wounded in their conscience, or concerned for possible consequences, even as others give thanks and celebrate.
By contrast, if you have asbestos armor, some few of you may dare to read the vitriol being spewed over at StandFirm. I read their comments as the dying shrieks of a poisonous snake. I am beginning to feel sorry for the leaders and readers of StandFirm. Our church is bravely moving forward, and some are filled with venom at this change. I would hope we could move forward together, but I recognize that won’t happen with this particular demographic. If I were an Episcopalian on the edge, the hatred spewed at StandFirm would make clear to me that I would not want to be part of their hate-mongers. You won’t find any love of Jesus over there.

If you want to keep tabs on the news about the Rev. Glasspool’s election, I recommend The Episcopal Café to you. It’s a great source of news for us.

So I'll close for the evening. I am profoundly glad to know that the bishops and standing committees have already consented to Mary Glasspool's election. I give humble thanks.


Blogger Ann said...

And the consecration is in the Long Beach arena during Gay Pride in Long Beach!

3/17/2010 10:40 PM  
Blogger Kirkepiscatoid said...

Honestly, Lisa, I care not what Viagraville has to say about it. They don't even think she's a priest. So anything they say beyond that, well, if they don't even believe she's a priest, why do they care if she's a bishop?

I am simply glad +Gene is not alone anymore.

3/17/2010 10:42 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

Ann, I trust it will all be done "decently and in order." As we Episcopalians do it.

But, yes, I also hope it may make a witness to the Gay Pride gathering.

3/17/2010 10:53 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

KirkE, I mostly don't care, either.

I will confess I went over to SFiF in an attitude of schadenfreude. I knew they would be blowing their stacks. I just wanted to see in what key they would be blowing them. They've lost. In my less charitable moments, I just say "Screw 'em!"

3/17/2010 10:55 PM  
Blogger June Butler said...

How did the words taste, Lisa? :-)

I was not quite as gloomy as you, but I could not go so far as to say that MG would likely get consents. I didn't relax until after the result was a sure thing.

Like all of you, I'm glad that +Gene will no longer be alone. We now have two honest gay bishops, and that can only be good. Jesus spoke some of his strongest words against hypocrites.

3/18/2010 9:08 AM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

They were delicious, Mimi! Best snack I've had in months.

3/18/2010 12:16 PM  
Blogger Kirkepiscatoid said...

I have moved from "screw 'em" to "Oh, just leave the building." I have to actually care about someone to tell 'em to get screwed.

All I can tell you is the SFIF crowd really tests my ability to live my Baptismal Covenant, and I am sorry to say I have failed in that capacity more than I care to admit!

3/18/2010 3:57 PM  
Blogger June Butler said...

We all should probably stay away from SF, but, with me, It's like a compulsive, voyeuristic return to the scene of a train wreck. I don't visit often, but, at times, I'm drawn to see their reaction to what they think of as a "big event" which only serves to reinforce their righteous stance against the heretics.

3/18/2010 4:29 PM  
Blogger Kirkepiscatoid said...

Well, you can divert your attention by reading what ++Rowan has to say:



I regret that the ABC seems to allow the Global South to carry his gonads in their backpack.

3/18/2010 6:52 PM  
Blogger Caminante said...

And Anne and I have our tickets and will be there!!!!

3/18/2010 7:55 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

I'm with ya, KirkE. Those folks test my Christian conscience. Reading their hate-mongering is a challenge. They claim to be Christians. That's hard for me to believe. But I suppose I must believe them.

3/18/2010 8:36 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

I'm with you, Mimi. I go to that site that same way one would view a train wreck.

But here's the thing: They have lost. Reading their comments is like watching a snake writhe after its head has been cut off. They like to believe they are some sort of faithful remnant, when it's clear to us that they are already dead ... but don't yet recognize it.

3/18/2010 8:39 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

Hooray, Caminante! I'm glad you'll be there!

3/18/2010 8:40 PM  
Blogger June Butler said...

I had to say a few words about Rowan (rain-on-their-parade) Williams on my blog.

3/18/2010 9:25 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

Good blog-post, Mimi!

3/19/2010 8:41 AM  

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