Monday, February 15, 2010

Doing Our Theology II

I must confess that I wonder about the timing of Bishop Whalon’s essay at Anglicans Online.

Why is he now asking about the timing of our actions?

You may recall that in June of last year, Alabama Bishop Henry Parsley appointed a super-secret panel to study the issue of same-sex relationships. There was much ado about it. They were to issue their report sometime in 2011. I wonder if this is the "official position" that Bishop Whalon is awaiting in his essay.

There's some info at The Lead about the names of the committee members. I wrote here and here and here .

Bishop Henry Parsley appointed his secret theology panel to study these matters. He charged them to report to the House of Bishops Theology Committee in 2011.

Their names were revealed here with commentary from the Episcopal Café.

When Bishop Parsley appointed those eight members to the secret panel, he appointed four who were opposed and four who supported out church’s stance. He set up a crazy process, in which they were to create opposing papers for submission to the House of Bishops.

Now we know they have been doing their work.

And what will be the product of their work?


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