Thursday, January 14, 2010


Please join me today in saying this prayer from our Book of Common Prayer:
Watch over thy child, O Lord, as her days increase; bless and guide her wherever she may be. Strengthen her when she stands; comfort her when discouraged or sorrowful; raise her up if she fall; and in her heart may thy peace which passeth understanding abide all the days of her life; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

And let the people say, "Amen."


Blogger susan s. said...

Even though it is the 13th still out here in Berkeley, I wish you a Happy Birthday, Lisa.

1/14/2010 1:45 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Happy Birthday Lisa --- celebrate your day! Prayers and blessings for the new year

1/14/2010 8:58 AM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

Thanks, y'all. I didn't mean it to be so obvious. But, yeah, it's my birthday prayer.

Many thanks for joining me in this prayer.

1/14/2010 10:21 PM  
Blogger David@Montreal said...

and blessed, happy birthday Lisa

1/15/2010 5:46 PM  
Blogger it's margaret said...

Happy Birthday!

1/15/2010 7:24 PM  
Blogger Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Amen dear Lisa! Hope you had a blessed day ;=)

1/17/2010 5:21 AM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

Thanks again!

1/17/2010 8:50 AM  
Blogger Lapinbizarre said...

Belated birthday greetings.

1/18/2010 7:01 AM  

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