Monday, January 18, 2010

Massachusetts & The Myth of 60 Votes

Does It Matter? or The Whore of Connecticut

For several days now, I have been listening to pundits talking about the Massachusetts Senate election. Both sides – Democrat and Republican – seem to be hysterical about the outcome of the Senate election. Both are saying this will be The Deciding Point in the Democrats’ 60-vote “filibuster-proof” majority.

Pshaw! Are all these media pundits asleep or just stupid??

The Democrats haven’t had a 60-vote majority since President Obama took office. Because one of those people counted among the 60 is the Whore of Connecticut, Joe Lieberman. He is not a Democrat, nor is he a progressive. He’s just a whore seeking to build his own influence. In fact, it’s easy to prove that he is the person most responsible for killing the move toward progressive health care. Why isn’t the media saying so?

Don’t be misled. The Dems have only had 59 votes. If Coakley loses, it will drop to 58. We have never had a “filibuster-proof” majority. Because Joe “Tokyo Rose” Lieberman has never been a friend of the progressives.

The result of the Massachusetts Senate race is much ado about nothing.

If they have any courage, the Democrats will kick Lieberman out of the caucus as soon as possible.


Blogger John D said...

Not just Holy Joe, but Ben Nelson and those two foolish women from Louisiana and Arkansas, all three of whom will be thrown out of office ASAP by the tea-baggers, no matter how severely they wound the Democratic party this go-round.

I've sent my last dime to the national party's various organizations that fund campaigns of anyone who self-labels "Democrat."

1/19/2010 11:11 AM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

The "tea-baggers" are idiot neanderthals.

You want government by an uneducated "majority" of rednecks? You got it.

This is not the republican government that was envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Instead, the tyranny of the majority is now in power.

May God have mercy upon this nation.

1/19/2010 9:36 PM  

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