Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kill the Queer Christians?

A new Episcopalian looks at the current events in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, and asks the piquant question: "Why is it bad to make gays bishops, but okay to kill them?" In my mind, the author totally nails the hypocrisy of the Anglican Communion in general and the Archbishop of Canterbury in particular. Like many other reasonable people, the author wonders why the Archbishop of Canterbury took a few hours to condemn our election of an honest lesbian candidate for bishop, but -- after weeks -- still can't speak one word against legislation designed to create homophobic genocide in Uganda.

The author writes:

A lot of nice Episcopalians are wondering why it's worse to elect gays as bishops than target them for genocide. Even those that find gays embarrassing don't usually want to kill them, or report them to the police. Some of us know most of the politics behind all this, but are still incredulous. There's a fine line between diplomacy and hypocrisy; the Archbishop of Canterbury has crossed it, holding hand high as he dashes over the finish line.

Click here to read the whole essay. No wonder the Archbishop of Canterbury isn't considered a moral leader for our world in our time.

Deep thanks to Ann for finding this essay. Read it!


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