Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Voices of Witness Africa

I received a gracious note with more information from Cynthia Black and Katie Sherrod, the producers of Voices of Witness Africa.

Here is their addendum:
Thank you for you kind words about Voices of Witness Africa. When we were making it we were often overwhelmed by the courage shown by our LGBT brothers and sisters in Africa. What Desmond Tutu says about the film on the cover of the DVD is the absolute truth -- "a brave tribute to a God of love"-- we cried many times (and still do) when we encountered their bravery and hope.

When 8 LGBT folks met with the Archbishop of Canterbury in Anaheim, Louie Crew chose to use his private time with Rowan (I believe each person had 90 seconds) to personally hand him a copy of the film. Louie said later that he felt that Rowan would watch it.

We're just finishing up the new website (http://www.voicesofwitness.org/) and will be able to take orders for copies of the DVD (they will be sold/shipped at cost-- $10 in the US) in a few weeks. If your readers can't wait, they can email voicesofwitnessafrica@gmail.com, and we'll do our best to get them the DVD.

Yours in Christ,
Cynthia Black
Katie Sherrod
Producers, Voices of Witness Africa

Dear friends, when I went onto the VOWA site last night and made a contribution, I received a note back, that Integrity and Claiming the Blessing still have a shortfall of about $8,000 to cover their costs for making this video.

I beseech you: If you can afford to buy the $10 video, please give them a little something extra if you can afford it. Kick in an extra $10 or $15 for it, if you can. It will be a gracious donation.

If you can afford more, please send more. View the video. I believe you will agree with me that it is worth your support. Let's wipe out that $8k deficit as soon as possible.

Go here to make a secure donation.


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