Monday, July 06, 2009

General Convention Coverage

As we prepare for the opening of General Convention, I’m sure many of you will be seeking news and analysis, as I will. Here are the blogs I’ll be watching.

I’ll update and revise this list as we move into GC09 and see who is actively blogging.

General Information (schedule, deputations, legislation status, etc.)
Blue Book 2009
GC09 Legislation
GC09 Schedule
GC09 Unofficial Schedule (courtesy of Louie Crew)
Louie Crew pages (link to list of deputies, bishops, etc.)

Official Sites & News Media
Center Aisle (Diocese of Virginia)
Diocese of Missouri blog
Episcopal Café (Diocese of Washington)
Episcopal Life
Episcopal News Service
Thinking Anglicans

Progressive Bloggers
Chicago Consultation
Claiming the Blessing
IntegriTV (videos)
Left Front Center Aisle (It’s Margaret)
Preludium (Mark Harris)
Scott Allen
Searching for Pono (Liz Zivanov)
Seven Whole Days (Scott Gunn)
Telling Secrets (Elizabeth Kaeton)

Lowell Grisham

The Living Church
TitusOneNine (Kendall Harmon)

If anyone else is blogging regularly from GC, please send me your link, and I’ll add it here.

Thanks to James at the Three-Legged Stool for giving me a starting point – though my picks are not his; I’ve deleted some of his and added many others of my own. Unlike James, I’m not going to link to the extreme conservative sites; if you’re of a conservative bent, you know where to find them.
07/07/07 Addendum:
Episcopal Church Media Hub (especially for webcasts, other video, and photos)
A good summary of GC issues related to B033, SSB/SSMs, and legislation related to the Windsor report – with links to key documents – is available here.
TEC is consolidating several bloggers at Bloggers on the Ground.
TEC is maintaining a list of Blogging Bishops here. I hope my own bishop will blog; if/when he does, I'll give him his own entry.
I've added these to the links at right.
If you're on Twitter, you can also follow GC at #ecgc.


Blogger bfelice said...

don't forget the hub:

twitter yielding some depth already:
search for #ecgc

7/07/2009 8:23 PM  
Blogger bfelice said...

from neva rae at TEC:

Bloggers on the Ground:

Blogging Bishops:

7/07/2009 8:25 PM  

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