Monday, July 21, 2008

Tearing the Fabric

Ever since that "emergency" primates meeting after GC2003, the Episcopal Church and we individual Episcopalians have been bludgeoned by voices from the other side of the aisle ranting that TEC has "torn the fabric of the Anglican Communion." And without fail, the tenor of their remarks seems to suggest we should be shot, hung, and drowned … or at least expelled from the Anglican Communion.

Catching up on some blog-reading last night, I found a poignant comment. Someone writing as "Treebeard" wrote at Thinking Anglicans that the vociferous spokesmen [sic] of the self-declared orthodox "have been 'tearing the fabric' of gay hearts and lives and anglicans churches [sic]of late."

"Tearing the fabric of gay hearts and lives." What a powerful phrase!

I have fought (and, no doubt, will again) with those on the other side. I believe and hope that I'm contending against their ideas, their methodologies, and their beliefs. I hope I have (at least recently) avoided attacking their very selves and identities. But the attack on my self and identify is precisely what I hear from the vociferous voices from the other side of the aisle.

Thank you, Treebeard, whoever you are.

Note: Image courtesy of Laura Kamiam's website.


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