Friday, July 11, 2008

The Orombi Comedy Hour

The silliness from Ugandan Archbishop Orombi just keeps coming and coming. I think he may have jumped the shark now.

The good folks at Episcopal Café give us a good summary, with links to the African news sources.

Yes, Orombi is seeking to clarify:

Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi yesterday clarified that he did not say gays were planning to kill him or that he fears for his life over his campaign against the practice. . . . . Orombi noted that gays were not only in the church, but were a big movement and some of them were drug addicts, who could kill anybody.
HUH?? We're not just gay but also homicidal drug addicts? Methinks the good archbishop himself must be on some sort of drug.

The Monitor offers more details about Orombi's "clarification":

The team of homosexuals is very rich, Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi said, “They have money and will do whatever it takes to make sure that this vice penetrates Africa. We have to stand out and say no to them.”Archbishop Orombi, on a week-long tour of the western region said the advocates of homosexuality, a crime under the Uganda code act, are taking advantage of the abject poverty in Africa to lure people into their club.
"Their club"?????

Let us remember who has bundles of money to "buy" support. Howard Ahmanson, the IRD, and the AAC are spending boatloads of money to "buy" the support of the Africans and to bankroll their globetrotting. Jim Naughton made that patently clear in his "Following the Money" investigation.

Mark Harris opines that Orombi needs a better publicist. He writes:

The Archbishop needs more than a clarification. He needs a publicist, one who can point out that moving from the fear of homosexuals and their sympathizers to the fear of drug addicts who are homosexuals and could kill anybody and (gasp) are in the church, is no improvement AT ALL. The homophobia only gets more and more accentuated, all to what end? To support a campaign to rid the church of homosexuals.
The Pluralist offers strong words on this topic.

I find myself challenged to respond to Archbishop Orombi as a Christian and a lesbian. The man is spouting hate and lies. As Jim Naughton comments:

Orombi is in the process of doing what Akinola has already done--ruining his crediblity as a spokesperson for the movement. This is an encouraging development. What credibility the Global South has hinges on the media's mistaken perception that it "speaks for Africa," where Christianity is on the move. In fact, it speaks "through" Africa on behalf of Western conservatives. As the circle of those whom Minns, et al. will trust in front of a camera shrinks, the whiteness of the movement (Jensen, Minns, Sugden, Atwood, Anderson) becomes more apparent.
For about a year, I have been working on an essay in my "blog fodder" file, in which I want to write about how the church has saved and is saving this lesbian who used to be very promiscuous. The Episcopal Church, in bringing me face to face with the Gospel, is converting me. Converting me to a wholly (and holy) different view of sexuality and covenant.

When people like Orombi spout this crap, I am tempted just to smite them. I believe that this guy will be one of those "millstone people" about whom Jesus spoke. I want to pronounce a pox upon this hateful, lying, prancing, posturing bishop.

If Orombi is an Anglican Christian, then I'm Joan of Arc.


Anonymous Lindy said...

Hey, how can I get myself appointed to the rich team? I know I can't be the only one wondering about this.

7/13/2008 1:50 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

Indeed, you are not. I'm barely making ends meet. Alas, my diocese isn't being supported by Howard Ahmanson and the IRD.

But I'll let ya know if I get my "parochial stimulus check" from the Christian Reconstructionists.

7/13/2008 2:21 PM  
Anonymous Lindy said...

I'm sure Mr. Rushdoony is making out your check now...

7/14/2008 6:51 AM  

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