Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What's Up in Connecticut?

This morning a Deputy posted a news story to the HoBD list. In it, she linked to this story from Newsday. It reports that one of the dissident parishes in Connecticut (formerly Episcopalian, now Anglican) is leaving with what Elizabeth calls "Integrity and New Hope."

Enough already! It was bad enough when the dissidents were trying to take buildings and furnishings. But this congregation has now gone entirely too far. They're leaving the property behind, but absconding with Integrity! And when I was stranded in the desert of northeast Philadelphia, some of my most joyful outings were to the delightful little gay-friendly community of New Hope, NJ, just across the river. We can't let them take New Hope, too!

So while I applaud the former Episcopalians for leaving the property behind, we must wrest Integrity and New Hope out of their dissident hands! The straight folks have stolen enough from gay culture already. We can't let them have Integrity and New Hope, too!

To the barricades, my comrades!

P.S. Seriously, I'm glad these Episcopalians – if they must depart our church – are doing so in an honorable way. But the headline tickled my funny bone.


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