Monday, October 01, 2007


I've been pondering our House of Bishop's latest action for a week now. I was so inspired by the statement they issued in March. Then I was so frustrated – even heartbroken – by the statement they issued in September.

I kept asking myself: What was the difference? Why did they speak with such passion and vision 6 months ago, and then seemed to cave this month?

Here is the conclusion I have reached.

Look back at their statement in March 2007. They rejected the Primatial Vicars scheme, speaking powerfully – even poetically and inspiringly – about who and what we are as the Episcopal Church in North American.

In September, "all" they had to address was whether they would go along with the Anglican Communion regarding the consecration of a few homosexuals to the episcopate or being pastors to the thousands of gay men and lesbians in our church.

In March, the bishops' power – their royalty – was at stake. They spoke powerfully.

In September, they spoke as if it were merely the vocations and spiritual lives of a few thousand Episcopalian queers that were at stake. They paid no attention to the homosexuals living throughout the world.

My conclusion: When the bishops' power is at stake, they will rise to the occasion. When it is "merely" the lives of a few thousand (or tens of thousands) of homosexual human beings at stake … well … frankly, Scarlett, we're dispensable if it might cost them dinner with the Queen.

Think about: What's the one and only issue that has made them rise to a prophetic voice? The protection of their own power.

It's the turf, stupid.


Anonymous Linda McMillan said...

Yep, that's exactly right Lisa. The most strongly worded portion of this report was the part decrying incursions onto their turf. They are very good at preserving their own status and position and they don't care one whit about the church or the gay and lesbian saints in it. Just my opinion. You know, based on words and actions.

10/02/2007 6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Lisa. What is particularly galling to me is that I'm from one of the more "liberal" dioceses, and my bishop fancies himself out there in the front ranks on this last statement. This may have seemed like a political maneuvering game to them last month, but the offensive stench is utterly devoid of integrity and vision. Sure, they defend it with "Moi? Now really! We didn't do a thing different. Our hands are tied by GC. Anything further will have to wait until Anaheim."

*BS* And why, now, should we have any hopes and aspirations that they won't do the same damn thing in 2009? They've given us no hope that it will be any different. They showed their cards in 2006, in NO... and now we're expecting that, all-of-a-sudden, they're going to get vision and integrity in 2009?

Well, enjoy your tea with the queen, boys. You've bought it at the cost of your honor.

10/03/2007 10:44 AM  

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