Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yeah, I'm writing again about dreams. It seems I was dreaming about my mother again last night. It's kind of a muddle to me. Most of the dream was about being in doctor's offices and hospital rooms with her.

There was this one part that got my attention because it was so weird: It wasn't in a medical facility. I was in her home, helping her prepare a meal. I don't remember whether she had asked me to get something out of the cabinet or put something into it, but I was kneeling down at a double-door cabinet [like the ones many of us have below our kitchen sinks], trying to sort things out. I think I was trying to put some fresh fruit into storage. [God only knows why I would be putting fresh fruit in a cabinet! I'm not that stupid. But dreams have their own logic.] In the logic of the dream, the fresh produce was supposed to be stored on the right side of the cabinet, and I was doing my best to organize it there. But garbage kept tumbling out from the left side. I felt so darn frustrated, in that I couldn't tell the difference between the groceries (which I was trying to organize in the cabinet) and the garbage that kept tumbling out of it. I kept trying and trying to organize the fresh produce, but the garbage kept tumbling out.

I think I have an inkling about this one, my friends.

[Background: It's kind of weird, but I didn't post anything specific on my own blog about my mother's death on October 9. Instead, I sent an e-mail to some friends, and I went quiet on this blog for 10 days, and sent an e-mail to MadPriest a week later, which he posted here. That's as much background as I'm going to offer.]


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