Monday, July 09, 2007

It Must Be a Full Moon (Part 1)

The loonies seem to be out in full force this week. Is it a full moon?

I generally stay away from the blogs of the lunatic fringe – those who are wholly devoted to the destruction of the Episcopal Church. But some items there caught my attention today, and – like a moth to the flame – I could not stay away. God help me!

I was struck first by the blog of He-Whose-Bourbon-Must-Be-Obeyed. Poor Brad keeps teetering on the brink of whether he'll be in or out of the Episcopal Church … in or out of his parish … in or out of blogging. But holyJesusMaryandJoseph! He claims to have been personally attacked by the Right Reverend Paul Marshall, Bishop of Bethlehem … and now it seems our Brad is newly energized. Now isn't that convenient? LOLOL!

Never mind that I could post a blog-comment and make it appear that I am in fact the Archbishop of Canterbury or – even better – the Archbishop of All Nigeria. Poor Brad seems newly energized by the fantasy that the Bishop of Bethlehem is out to get him. To those who seek to point out the realities of the blogosphere (in which "nobody knows you're a dog"), Brad cryptically says, "Trust me. I know this." Like Brad is even a blip on the radar screen of the Bishop of Bethlehem.

They tell me that the closer you get to the bottom of the bourbon bottle, the more sure you are that Eternal Truth is just within your grasp.

Yeah, right.

Isn't that special?

++Rowan Cantaur
Archbishop of Canterbury


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