Monday, June 18, 2007

Hysteria in Western Louisiana

This information was sent by a colleague, who comments: "The Windsor Bishops (at least some of them) are proving to be nearly as much trouble to TEC as the younger generations of British Windsors are to theirmother the Queen ..."

This particular link is to a site for a new group in Western Louisiana set up at AAC urging called the "Windsor Coalition of the Diocese of Western Louisiana." They are sponsoring "information sessions" with Bishop McPherson as the featured speaker. Here is the key portion of their front page:

Orthodox Anglicans across the nation must begin thinking the unthinkable. The Episcopal Church is almost certain to have its ties cut with most of the other Anglican Provinces in the world. Its position as the Continuing Church in America will be terminated, and the future configuration is unknown.

The Diocese, along with the other Windsor Dioceses, will have to decide if its ties with the world wide Anglican Communion are more important that its ties with The Episcopal Church.

Should the Diocese elect to stay with the Anglican Communion and reject the Episcopal Church, angry and unprincipled actions by the Episcopal Church can be expected. They could attempt to depose our bishops and clergy, installing rogue bishops and priests in their place. They have already unleashed a cascade of law suits against persons and parishes who can no longer abide with what appears to be apostacy [sic] and heresy. These suits are in contravention of Scripture, but procede [sic] apace. This, in spite of the statedrequest of the Tanzanian Communique to forswear such legal tactics.

It continues to amaze me how some segments of the Episcopal Church continue trying to whip-up hysteria in this church of ours. Something like 99.5% of our parishes are doing just fine. But a few people are still trying to make it appear as if there were a Crisis of Global Proportions. What a bunch of frauds!


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