Monday, May 28, 2007


I certainly am not a blogger of the School of Laodicea. They were neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm. I most certainly do run hot and cold. Or perhaps, given the recent situation in this region, a more apt contrast would be floodstage and desert.

Too much has been happening here, but it's stuff that I just cannot blog about because it involves real people in my very real life. It's a blogger's problem that Grandmère Mimi recently described as the "inner censor," and mine has been working overtime. The things most consuming my attention in my work, church, and personal life are all things I cannot blog, because it would violate other people's privacy. For various reasons, I don't have the option of anonymity here, and sometimes I regret that.

However, things have been busy enough over at The Episcopal Majority that my Blogger skills haven't grown too rusty.

So . . . for those of you who still check in from time to time, I can merely offer this delightful Dave Walker cartoon . . . while I wait and hope for something to strike me as blog-able.


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