Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Bishop Weighs In

Bishop George Wayne Smith has written to the diocese, and I am claiming "blogger's privilege": he is my bishop, and surely this is the largest "platform" from which I will ever have an opportunity to say, "Thank you, Bishop."

I have never been tempted to charge Bishop Smith with long-windedness. He's thoughtful and smart and deeply serious about the "current unpleasantness." But he's a pretty taciturn guy.

His letter, dated today and now available on the diocesan website, is true to form. Beginning with thanks for the diocese's prayers and for the House of Bishops' "graciousness of conversation and the care shown to one another," he promptly cuts to the chase: "I am also writing to let you know that I support the various actions taken by the House of Bishops during that meeting and that I cast my vote in favor of them."

Early last fall, Bishop Smith had the grace and courage to meet with the diocese's Integrity and Oasis members—many of whom were hurt or angry after General Convention's insidious B033. During the House of Bishops' meeting, I simply prayed that the same man who spoke to us that evening would attend the meeting in Navasota. It appears my prayers were answered.

Thank you, Bishop Smith. I'll kiss the ring next time I see you.


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