Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And from the right . . .

I've been busy at The Episcopal Majority, capturing the coverage of the resolutions adopted in the House of Bishops' meeting. There are some things that I declined to post over there, because they are just too far outside the realm of Episcopal dialogue. Here are a couple that I didn't want to post there. Don't go there, my friends, unless you are wearing your asbestos uniforms.

Virtue Online does what Virtue Online always does. Am I the only one who wonders why he and his readers are so obsessed with anal sex?? I read a lot of gay Episcopalians' blogs, and none of them is as fixated on that topic as are David Virtue and his minions. Of course ... if anybody had this photo of me that we have of David Virtue ... then I might re-think my position altogether. [Yes, this photo is of David Virtue, taken during the primates' Tanzania meeting ... and by a friend of his, no less! I have it on good authority that several homosexual males, upon seeing this photograph, have decided to become heterosexual.]

The Midwest Conservative Journal is all over the right side of the map. He left TEC some years back, and he just gets more angry as the years pass.

Let me remind you: Like so many of the noisier voices in our current dialogue, these bloggers are not Episcopalians. They have long ago departed this church of ours for more pure "religions."


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