Saturday, January 06, 2007

Brother Ethelmertz

In a podcast (dated June 21, 2006) from the Holy Monastery of Little Rutherlbert on the Isle of Trabango-Mabui, Brother Ethelmertz addresses deep questions: What would Jesus do today? For instance, "What to do when your grandson comes home from school with a nelly boy who keeps singing Barbra Streisand songs?"

He then addresses questions arising from our 2006 General Convention. He is astonished that we are just now addressing the question of gay bishops. Referring to all our bishops, he asks, "Does the American church, the Nigerian church really think that those boys were the first to be called up for the football team? I don't think so! I think they were in practicing the organ." And he wonders: if we chase all the gay guys out of the Episcopal Church, who will handle the interior decoration, plan the dinner menus, and (perhaps most important) who will be left to play the organ?

Perhaps the funniest bit comes in stark text at the end of the video:

June 2006
The Episcopal Church of America
Elects a Woman as Boss Lady

Minutes Later
She Urges the Church
Not to Elect Controversial Bishops

Tea to Follow . . .

A very big "thank-you" to Ann for introducing me to Brother Ethelmertz. Go and watch.


Anonymous sharecropper said...

Just think what it would be like at potlucks! The very idea. And, talk about timing in music - well, forget it if they leave. Meanwhile, lisen to the wonderful music on the same website.

1/07/2007 7:36 AM  

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